Behind the Pocket Protector: Allen Inskeep

Meet Allen Inskeep, HAWA’s genius of the month and an exceptional electrical designer. According to his supervisor, Nick Rittinger, Allen stands out for his work ethic, helpfulness, punctuality, and fantastic attitude. But let’s get to know Allen Behind the Pocket Protector.

Allen is a passionate connoisseur with diverse interests. He has been an avid Nintendo game collector since childhood and is teaching himself pixel art to create a 2D level reminiscent of a classic Mario game.

When it comes to food, Allen has a fondness for Mediterranean and halal cuisine, appreciating the fresh ingredients found in his favorite restaurants. Additionally, he has developed a knack for identifying rare and limited-edition sneakers, making him a successful shoe flipper. He scours both online platforms and local stores to secure highly sought-after kicks, which he then resells to eager fellow sneakerheads.

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