HAWA’s Winslow Helps Organize Middle School Chess Club

HAWA’s electrical engineer and manager of our Cincinnati office Julie Winslow, PE is giving back to the children at Princeton Community Middle School. When there was an interest in a chess club at the school, Julie jumped in and donated 10 chess sets and two chess clocks to help get a club started. But her work didn’t stop there. Julie and another parent volunteer recruited players, organized club meetings (currently held through Zoom) and helped the team prepare and compete in online chess tournaments. “Ours is a young club and our kids are still learning,” said Julie. “However, they are enthusiastic and are learning how to be better prepared for tournaments.”

The Princeton City School District has one of the most diverse student bodies of any district in the area. The HAWA office is in Sharonville, one of the communities served by this district.

At HAWA, we are a huge proponent of STEM education. It has been documented that chess players develop greater skills in problem solving, pattern recognition, spatial reasoning and critical thinking. In addition, giving back is part of our DNA. Our communities are extremely important to us and we consider ourselves fortunate to be involved in projects that improve our neighbors’ lives at work, play and school.

If you aren’t already, we encourage your team to get involved in your community. There are plenty of good opportunities and the rewards are endless. 

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