The Ohio State University
General Contractor
Albert Higley Co.
Year Completed
Total Construction Cost
160,000 sq. ft.
General Description

The Ohio State University’s Biological Science Department, Math Biological Institute, University Classroom Pool and Office of Information Technology Departments were housed in a building constructed in 1912 and in need of updating. The project involved a 60,000-square-foot demolition and a 100,000-square-foot renovation, and included office space, IT closets on each floor, a central server room, 21 teaching laboratories with central lab prep rooms, six research laboratories, six pool classrooms, a computer room, a 250-seat auditorium, a 150-seat lecture hall, and a 100-seat tiered telepresence room.

Key Features
  • Both wired and wireless data capabilities throughout the entire building
  • Each seat in the telepresence room includes wired power, data and microphone for teleconferencing purposes
  • 100 percent outside air systems with variable air volume control for the laboratory spaces, central VAV systems for other areas
  • Heating source provided by the campus 200psi/200 F superheated steam system
  • Cooling provided by new 830-ton chilled water plant consisting of two screw chillers
Our Role

With this being an older facility with limited floor-to-floor height and concrete bearing walls, HAWA Inc.’s engineers designed vertical distribution of MEP systems. Included in the design was work associated with the medium voltage 13.2-kV site power distribution and building utility transformer. Sound levels were evaluated utilizing sound transmission software and sound attenuation was included into the design to allow screw chillers and air handling units to be located adjacent to classrooms without exceeding acceptable ambient noise levels.