Resiliency is Key in 2020

By Jeff Ortman,

Headshot of HAWA president Jeff Ortman

Moving into 2020, we continue to be excited about the construction industry. Despite the beginning of some economic uncertainty due to political division, an upcoming election, the unrest around the world and the economic correction that will be coming at some point, we still see an economy that remains strong and an industry that continues to build. At HAWA Engineers, our philosophy to address the beginning of 2020’s economic uncertainty is “Resiliency.”

We are building resiliency by:

  • Diversifying our client base, while maintaining our level of service to our existing clients
  • Managed growth of staff in both Columbus and Cincinnati
  • Ensuring stability by measuring and adjusting for Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

While a significant portion of our 2019 revenue was from clients we have been working with for more than 25 years, we have begun to develop relationships with several new clients and are looking to continuing this trend in 2020. We have been growing our Cincinnati office under the leadership of our Manager of Cincinnati Operations, Julie Winslow, and our new Sr. Electrical Engineer and Associate, Nick Rittinger. We continue to establish new KPIs, monitor these indicators and adjust our activities based on the results. 

Our business, projects and processes are being run with efficiency, productivity and resiliency on our minds. We have an experienced staff with diverse expertise, a culture of collaboration and service, and we are ready to take on 2020 and all it has to bring. We thank you for being part of the HAWA Engineers story in 2019 and look forward to working with you this upcoming year.

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