Behind the Pocket Protector: Chris Gleich

Chris has been with HAWA for almost 30 years, but who is he when he isn’t applying his decades of experience to his projects?
Chris is a lifelong learner with a mind open to new experiences. He coached middle school football for 12 years before focusing on raising a family, but he remained passionate about mentoring, coaching his sons’ baseball teams, and helping with his daughter’s volleyball team. As his kids grow up, he wants to travel with his family as much as possible to create cherished memories. Pictured is Chris with his family in the Great Smoky Mountains in Gatlinburg, TN (the only time his kids would get along long enough to take a photo). This past year, Chris built a deck with his wife and brother-in-law, which, although not a particularly enjoyable task, provided him with another learning experience in his neverending quest for knowledge.
Chris approaches life with a light-hearted sense of humor, embraces humility, and finds joy in irony. He is looking forward to an upcoming trip to Aspen with his family.

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