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Company Email Addresses - Complete listing

Columbus Office:

Brandon,   Sean     
Byrne,   Declan      
Daniels,   Chris      
DePue,   Brent       
Downey,   Rochelle
ElMaasarani,   Jodi
Fouss,   Andy         
Gleich,   Chris        
Harmon,   Luke     
Heminger,   Ned    
Hughes,   Michelle
Jewett,   Josh         
Kuhlman,   Trevor
Manzella,   Sam    
Ortman,   Jeff       
Pollock,   Ed          
Porter,   Jim          
Radloff,   Luke      
Shade,   Brad        
Shade,   Noah       
Wheeler,   Collin  

Cincinnati Office:

Inskeep,   Allen   
Sparks,   Jeff         
Rittinger,   Nick  
Wilcox,   Elise     

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HAWA Mission

HAWA engineers solutions that respond to the needs of our clients. –  To accomplish this, we involve ourselves early in the process to ensure we have a full understanding of the project goals and criteria at the onset.  Our core values of Service, Quality, Commitment, Leadership, and Collaboration drive us to participate upfront and throughout our projects to ensure all your project goals are met.