Project Update: Livingston Surgery Center

Nationwide Children’s Hospital continues to grow. HAWA recently finished the design of a 280,000-square-foot Outpatient Orthopedics & Surgery Center. This seven-story building will bring together Orthopedic Surgery, Dental Surgery, Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Clinics and Rheumatoid Clinics under one roof. HAWA designed the ductwork, piping, conduit, transformers, air handling units and medical gas equipment to aid the medical staff in providing care to improve the lives of children and their families. An amazing part of our job is learning about the different technologies the user utilizes in their business and their incredible staff’s creativity and dedication to improving patient care.

A fascinating addition to the new Livingston Orthopedic and Surgery Center is the Gait and Spine labs, where they use state-of-the-art technology to generate a digital replication of a child’s walking motion, down to the amount of force placed on the foot. They will use this digital replication of medical procedures, prosthetics and assisting devices to improve children’s lives by helping them walk, reduce pain or become more mobile. One of the most creative parts of the building design is the gymnasium in the middle of the building. The design of the more than 10,000-square-foot gymnasium area includes a half-court basketball court, a 140-foot-long running track, a gymnastics area, throwing nets, a turf area, a performing arts area and an adaptive sports area. This entire space is dedicated to helping kids recover from injuries.

A special thank you to Sean Brandon – Lead Electrical, Luke Radloff – Electrical Systems, Tamar McManus – Electrical, Jon Busch – Electrical, Chris Daniels – Lead Technology, Luke Harmon – Mechanical Systems, Declan Byrne – Lead Plumbing, Trevor Kuhlman – HVAC, Noah Shade – Plumbing, Ned Heminger – Mechanical Quality Control and Brad Shade – Electrical Quality Control. Your creativity, dedication and meticulousness made the project possible. Without your countless hours of work, this project would not have been successful. Thank you all so much.

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