Project Update: Riverside Crossing Park East Pavillion

Hunter Arey
Mechanical Designer

The Dublin Link is the longest single span, single tower S-shaped suspension bridge in the world. It spans the Scioto River in the heart of Dublin, Ohio, connecting the new Bridge Street District on the east side of the river with historic Dublin on the west side. Planned as a center for activity and events, Riverside Crossing Park will feature a pavilion building, greenspace, seating areas, overlooks, promenade and water features.

The pavilion, located with views of the iconic pedestrian bridge, is a two-tiered rectangular building with a flat roof. An overhang on the upper terrace provides cover for the seating and gathering space underneath. The structure includes access to restroom facilities, a gas-powered outdoor fireplace, as well as an adjacent storage room/small prep kitchen located at the west end of the pavilion. The lower terrace at the base of the pedestrian bridge and integrated into the slope below the upper terrace houses a 4,300-square-foot maintenance facility for work vehicles, the power supply for all the bridge lighting, mechanical systems and equipment.

This project offered two unique challenges. The first included maintaining proper ventilation of the areas in the lower terrace. This area will serve many purposes including a maintenance facility for running vehicles, a pump room and chemical storage for fountains as well as a break room for employees. To maintain a safe environment for the work staff, a vehicle exhaust detection system was incorporated to automatically activate ventilation fans. The automated system allows the facility to save energy by keeping the larger volume ventilation fans on stand-by when the exhaust gases are at a safe level.

A second challenge included equipment placement. In order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing view from the buildings on the east side of the river, the specifications called for a green roof on the pavilion, so we needed to hide the mechanicals that would normally be placed on the rooftop. With the exception of two exhaust fans and a fireplace flue, we were able to place the condensing unit and exhaust pipes on the maintenance garage side. Want to see what HAWA can bring to your next project? Contact us today!

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