Nationwide Children’s
Construction Manager
Turner Construction
Year Completed
General Description

RBIII, a 234,000-square-foot high-rise on the Nationwide Children’s Hospital campus, is the site of one of the leading pediatric research institutes in the country. Home to the Center for Injury Research and Policy, the Center for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research, the Center for Perinatal Research, and the Battelle Center for Mathematical Medicine, it requires a reliable power source that ensures 100 percent emergency power backup. To meet the needs of the facility, a separate generator building was constructed about 800 feet away from RBIII.

Key Features
  • Built to initially house two relocated 1,250-kW paralleled diesel generators with provisions for an additional two 2,000-kW diesel generators paralleled with the first two; one of the 2,000-kW generators was added when RBIII was completely built out and the second will be added and the building expanded for 100 percent backup when Research Building IV (RBIV) is constructed (est. 2021)
  • 10,000-gallon vaulted fuel oil tank provides about 24-36 hours of fuel capacity
  • 13.2-kV emergency power is distributed through duct banks extended to RBIII and the future RBIV buildings, then stepped down to 480 V inside the building where transfer switches are located
  • Building design based on findings from wind tunnel analysis that determined the impact of diesel exhaust on the hospital campus; provisions were incorporated into design to alleviate the possible impacts