Nationwide Children’s
Construction Manager
Turner Construction
Year Completed
2019 (estimated)
Total Construction Cost
53,400 sq. ft.
General Description

This project consists of the design of a West Campus Central Energy Plant and utility distribution. The central plant will include electrical distribution switchgear, standby generators and the associated distribution switchgear, high-pressure steam boilers, and electric chillers and the associated cooling towers. The utility distribution will be done through new underground tunnels and separate electrical duct banks. The chiller plant will be located in a prominent location on the hospital’s West campus, which is currently being developed. In addition to the building adapting to a “wedge” site, the building is being designed to have architectural features that will coordinate with existing and future buildings on the West campus.

Key Features
  • Two 9 MW utility services
  • Main-tie-main configured 15kV normal power distribution system
  • 10.5 MW of standby generator capacity with expansion capabilities to 14.5 MW
  • Main-tie-main configured 15kV emergency power distribution system
  • Two emergency power double-ended 4MVA unit substations
  • 100,000 gallon underground fuel oil storage for boilers and generators
  • 65,550 PPH steam plant with 10,350 PPH summer capacity with expansion capabilities to 120,750 PPH
  • 2,750 ton chiller plant with 1250 tons of standby capacity with expansion capabilities to 4,000 tons
  • Underground utility distribution tunnel and duct banks to support 12 buildings
  • Utilities distribution includes Normal Power, Emergency Power, Telecommunications, Steam, Steam Condensate, Chilled Water, Domestic Water, and Fire Water
  • Domestic water distribution
  • Sanitary and vent systems
  • Storm drainage systems
  • More than 53,000 sq. ft. of mechanical/electrical equipment space
Our Role

HAWA Inc. provided design services for the MEP systems, including low-voltage structured cabling.