In Memory of Harold Art Williams

With a heavy heart, we formally announce the passing of our founder and namesake, Harold Art Williams. While this is a sad time for our company and everyone who knew and loved him, he lived a full life and left behind a lasting legacy. Art built what is now HAWA from a desk he leased from an architect. As the company grew, he instilled a culture of service towards our clients, driving us to be “true consultants, offering professional advice up front rather than people just drawing plans and writing specifications.” His forward-thinking business acumen didn’t stop at engineering; he wanted his employees to enjoy life as much as possible and avoid the trappings of being a “workaholic,” implementing a four-and-a-half-day workweek, which we continue to enjoy.
Art was lucky to enjoy a long retirement, but if anyone still in the industry has any memories of Art, please send them here.

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