Spotlight on Women Engineers

March is Women’s History Month and HAWA celebrates the trailblazing women who made significant contributions to the engineering field as well as two of our own female engineers, Julie Winslow and Devora Abreu.

Julie Winslow, PE, manages our Cincinnati office and is a senior electrical engineer. With more than 25 years of engineering experience, Julie has a passion for Life Safety, particularly with the design of fire alarm systems. She is a member of The Society of Fire Protection Engineers and currently serves as the Cincinnati chapter president.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Devora Abreu, PE, LEED AP, is a senior electrical engineer in the HAWA Columbus office. With strong STEM skills, Devora found that electrical engineering was a natural fit for a career choice. She graduated cum laude from the University of Puerto Rico with her BSEE and joined the HAWA team in 2014.

HAWA is proud of our women engineers and those who came before them. For a list compiled by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) of some of the most influential female engineers throughout history, click here.

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