Welcome to Nic Daneman!

We’re excited to introduce Nic, our newest Mechanical Engineer. Originally from central Maine, Nic moved to Ohio after high school, living in Dayton and Columbus. He worked in the nuclear energy industry during the COVID years, primarily doing CAD work and modeling. Nic brought his hands-on experience in the energy sector and a strong background in CAD software and modeling complex mechanical systems.
Outside of work, Nic’s biggest hobby is…. also doing CAD! Where he has been making a lensing black hole in Blender. He also enjoys PC gaming, jazz guitar, urban exploration, and gardening – he’s currently wintering two banana pepper plants. His enthusiasm and interdisciplinary perspectives make him a natural fit. Welcome aboard, Nic!
If you or someone you know are looking for a fulfilling career in engineering design, we invite you to view our job postings here and submit your resume.

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